TURUS UKKO Crankbaits

Jarmo Rapala has been able to improve the quality even further thanks to his extensive know-how and his excellent worldwide relationships in lure making. He hired Veli-Pekka Sahinoja, who already made the TURUS UKKO wobblers for Jorma Turunen, so that the wobblers have the same shape and design as before. Today’s TURUS UKKO wobblers therefore offer optimum quality and seamlessly tie in with old traditions.

The production of the TURUS UKKO wobblers takes place – then as now – in elaborate manual work. The wooden bodies are milled, smoothed by hand and a metal weight is placed in the head area, so that the lures run horizontally (to compensate the uneven buoyancy between head and tail area). An extremely resilient hook-in eyelet in the head area and of course also stainless steel eyelets for the ultra-sharp and stainless treble hooks are a matter of course with this premium lure. TURUS UKKO wobblers have multiple coats of colours. Firstly, they are primed in an immersion bath with a thick layer of primer, which provides protection against bite marks hurting the outer skin of the lure and thus against water penetrating into the inside of the lure. This ensures the unique running characteristics of the TURUS UKKO wobblers even after years of hard use. The crowning highlight is the enticing and finely crafted colour sample, also applied by hand, with a final clear coat that offers additional protection against damage.

As a first step we produce the TURUS UKKO wobblers in four different sizes. 9 cm, 12 cm, 16 cm and 20 cm as traditional versions and as completely new shallow versions. Additionally the production of the old 30 cm version is planned and the TURUS UKKO GmbH is developing a special high frequency crankbait together with Jarmo Rapala.

The main area of the 20 cm version of the TURUS UKKO wobblers is the classic trolling for pike, whereby this lure size particularly appeals to the big pike ladies. It can also be used extremely successfully for shallow freshwater heavy spin fishing with suitably designed rods and baitcasting reels. The 16 cm version of the TURUS UKKO wobblers is the all-rounder. It is perfect for both: trolling and spinning. Target fish are, on the one hand, of course pike, but also heavy sea trout and salmon. Capital big pike perch also love the TURUS UKKO wobbler in this size. The 9 cm and 12 cm versions are mainly used for spin fishing and trolling and have meanwhile become the top seller of the TURUS UKKO lure series.

Available versions, colours and sizes you can find on www.zeck-fishing.com (distributor for the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy and France).

ModelVersionWeightDepth (trolling)MSRP
Turus Ukko Wobbler 12 cmfloating15 g2 – 2,5 m26,95 €
Turus Ukko Wobbler 16 cmfloating24 g2 – 3 m28,95 €
Turus Ukko Wobbler 20 cmfloating60 g4 – 5 m39,95 €